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Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Software Solutions

Clock In Clock out offers small and medium businesses an affordable and reliable solution with simple but powerful technology at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and maintaining other complex systems.


Snap Shot Dashboard Image and Human Resources Tools

IVR - EVV Home Health Aide Tasks and Survey Tools

(Our IVR - EVV system asks your workers each task and then they just key in the codes and then Clocks Out)

(Easy Reporting and Management of Care Plan Tasks)


Sample Report Edit Page and GPS IphoneTM and AndroidTM Map Tools

  • Easy to use solution - Unlike most time tracking systems that require a complicated interface, The Clock In Clock Out solution utilizes an easy to use "telephony" system. Once a local area code phone number is registered, all employees call this number and clock in/ out with a specific pin number.
  • Completely Web-based - No software installation required.
  • Interface with a PDA/Smartphone device - You will receive messages in a PDA or smart phone from the system upon any clock in and clock out. This feature will allow users to monitor their employee time and attendance 24/7 anywhere.
  • Email Functionality - You will have access to real-time emails upon any clock in and clock out in a personal mailbox, ensuring your employees are working at remote locations in any given time.
  • Report Management - Clock In Clock Out provides real time reporting services. Time & attendance data are saved in a manner which will allow for easy reporting or retrieval at a later time.
  • Export tools - You can easily download your data into XLS, PDF and CSV formats.
  • A seamless process from tracking to payroll - You can monitor total work hours, overtime and corresponding payroll as applicable, without having to install any software.
  • Easily upgrade your plan to increase your number of employees. There is no limit using Clock In Clock Out.
  • All plans have unlimited calling, we do not charge per call rates.


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